Eye Exams

Eye Exams

Think About Your Eyes LogoAs a key financial and promotional supporter of the Think About Your Eyes® campaign, The Vision Council is a major proponent of educating the public on eye health and the significant benefits of appropriate vision care.

Vision loss is the number two health concern in the US, behind only cancer, yet eye exams aren't a part of many people's regular health check-ups. With the understanding that the right messages and media can motivate the public to begin focusing on their vision, Think About Your Eyes is a national nonprofit organization under The Vision Council, in partnership with the American Optometric Association, designed to educate the public on the benefits of vision health and promote the importance of getting an annual comprehensive eye exam.

With the support of the eye care industry and providers, Think About Your Eyes is using television, online radio digital advertising, social media and media relations to change public thinking about the importance of eye health and the need for comprehensive eye exams to protect future vision health and potentially detect serious health conditions.

Educating the Nation

Campaign messaging directs patients to visit the Think About Your Eyes website to find their local Think About Your Eyes member eye care provider. More than 19,000 eyecare providers support the campaign through a paid listing on the online doctor locator.

Think About Your Eyes continues to change the public's behavior around eye exams. In 2016, more than 1.15 million eye exams can be attributed to the campaign's messaging. The exam cycle for patients exposed to Think About Your Eyes messaging has shortened by 45 percent, from 24 months to 14 months.

The industry has experienced the benefits of this national effort. The estimated total industry revenue attributed to the campaign is $494 million.

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"It is vital [for us] to promote the importance of vision health to the general public and make sure everyone is aware of the consequences at stake if they don't take care of their eyes."

Martin Bassett, CEO, Walman Optical Co.; Board member, The Vision Council