EyeBlog: Industry in Motion

EyeBlog: Industry in Motion

Welcome to The Vision Council’s EyeBlog, an online community keeping a finger on the pulse of the ever-changing eyewear industry. Covering the latest eyewear technology trends and developments, while looking into the past and envisioning the future of the industry, the EyeBlog seeks to shed light on the most thought-provoking topics in the vast realm of all things vision. Take a look at the latest posts below.

Eyewear is officially making its debut in space. Two of Switch Vision’s frame styles – the Zealot and the Bespoke – have passed the rigorous testing required by NASA and will launch into space as the exclusive eyewear solutions for astronauts this year. The design of these particular frames, which are crafted by eyewear manufacturer Liberty Sport... Read More »

If you have ever purchased a pair of glasses, you were probably offered the option for an anti-reflective – also known as AR or anti-glare – coating on your lenses during the consultation process. But you may not have known – and still may not know – the purpose of an AR coating. An AR coating is applied to a lens to reduce reflection, which in... Read More »

Imagine not knowing what the colors red, green or blue look like. For someone with color vision deficiency – more commonly known as color blindness – these colors, and mixes of these colors, are a mystery. Those who are color blind have an altered perception of colors and aren’t aware of differences among colors that are obvious to those who aren’... Read More »

Found in numerous everyday items – from watchbands, to coins, to zippers, to keys, to cell phones, to eyeglass frames – nickel is a commonly used material that, for many, causes an itchy skin rash called allergic dermatitis. When it comes to eyewear, if metal frames cause a skin reaction, nickel is usually to blame, as most are made of a nickel... Read More »

You’ve probably heard the phrase “3D printing” tossed around in recent years as the technological process continues to grow in popularity. But what is 3D printing? 3D printing is a process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file. These 3D-printed objects are created by layering material until an entire object is created. A... Read More »